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PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer


PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer
PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer
PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer
PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer
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About: PSC DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer

The DV PROMIX 3 from Professional Sound Corporation is the first product built by PSC specifically for the DV Cam market. Professional Sound Corporation has been building professional, portable audio equipment for nearly 18 years. This DV PROMIX 3 has been designed to provide all of the features necessary for today's demanding video shoots. This robust three-channel mixer is battery operated for portability and provides very high quality audio in a compact and lightweight package. The DV PROMIX 3 allows the operator to easily and conveniently mix up to three audio sources.

The DV PROMIX 3's inputs are compatible with all audio sources including line level signals, dynamic (non-powered) microphone signals and even professional quality, 48PH condenser microphones. Each input is individually switchable so multiple source types can be used at the same time. In addition each input has a convenient switchable low cut filter designed to reduce wind noise during outdoor shoots and is also equipped with a channel assignment switch for added flexibility. High quality fader pots and switches are used throughout the mixer. The Outputs are also line or microphone level switchable make the DV PROMIX 3 compatible with all your DV Cams. A super bright, sunlight readable LED meter allows easy audio level settings even while outdoors.

The meter is color coded for ease of use. The DV PROMIX 3 is equipped with output limiters so the operator dose not have to worry about overloading the cameras audio inputs. And like our broadcast mixers, the DV PROMIX 3 is equipped with a tape return function allowing the operator the confidence they require on the job that the audio has indeed, been fed to the camera. The DV PROMIX 3 operates from two easily accessible 9V alkaline batteries.

This DV PROMIX 3 combines all of the features required for today's demanding video shoots.


  • Professional, balanced XLR microphone input connectors
  • Very low noise microphone pre-amplifiers with switchable gain for Line level signals,
  • Dynamic microphones or Condenser microphone use
  • 48PH microphone power, switchable on each input
  • Channel assignment (Pan) switches on each input
  • Two position Low Frequency roll off filters on each input to reduce wind noise
  • Smooth, ergonomic fader pots with non-slip rubber knobs
  • Bright sunlight readable, LED meters that are color-coded for easy use
  • Tape/direct monitoring for confidence that your audio is being recorded to tape
  • Professional, balanced XLR outputs that are line or microphone level switchable
  • Output limiters for camera overload protection
  • Dedicated Microphone level output jack for use with cameras not equipped with XLR's
  • Tape return jack for monitoring audio back from the camera
  • 2x 9V battery operation for easy field use
  • Robust aircraft aluminum case
  • Convenient carry case and strap included is a Canadian authorized PSC retailer.

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