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Yellowtec iXm Interview Microphone w/ Recorder (Cardioid)

Model: YT5050

Yellowtec iXm Interview Microphone w/ Recorder (Cardioid)
Yellowtec iXm Interview Microphone w/ Recorder (Cardioid)
Yellowtec iXm Interview Microphone w/ Recorder (Cardioid)
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About: Yellowtec iXm Interview Microphone w/ Recorder (Cardioid)

Imagine your favorite reporting microphone with the perfect recorder built in. That's iXm!

With our revolutionary LEA engine, your recordings will always sound fantastic.

When we designed iXm, we set out to make the world’s finest recording microphone. One of the most challenging requirements was to ensure perfect auto leveling in any environment. The result was an excitingly innovative processor we call the LEA engine. Whether recording a whisper or a scream, with LEA you’ll always capture perfect levels with no clipping. LEA lets you make amazing recordings under the most stressful conditions. No AGC, no artifacts.

Take iXm to the most demanding locations and listen to the sound of perfection!

Silent buttons. All the feedback, none of the noise.

An incredible amount of design attention was put into iXm’s every detail. The buttons are rugged, large, and dust/waterproof; smooth to the touch yet reliable in repetitive field operations. Most importantly, they produce no handling noise. With total control under your thumb, you can focus on what you do best.   

Hello, easy dashboard. Goodbye, complex display.

One of the first things you’ll notice about iXm is that it’s extremely easy to use. A major design goal of ours was accomplished with the LEA, which allowed us to conceive a dashboard consisting of only three light-up icons: Recording Status, Battery Status and Memory Status. Moreover, the dashboard is exactly where you’d expect it, well-positioned and always visible. There’s no better way, day or night, to keep your recordings under control. Free from monitoring, you can devote full concentration to your interview and enjoy a hassle-free, more personal recording.

Our Cooler Heads Prevail.

Our Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) exchangeable mic heads help you create your ideal recording environment. Whether you require a cardioid, super-cardioid or omnidirectional pickup pattern, you can easily shift gears on the spot. TOTO’s auto-sensing detects which type of mic head you’re using and automatically adapts the DSP to the right parameters, with no need for any manual settings.

Never miss a word. Never hear a click.

With an adjustable “pre-roll” recording buffer, you’ll never miss a conversation. Whenever you start an interview, iXm adds up to 30 seconds of previously buffered audio. And thanks to our click-free buttons, you’ll only hear what you intended to record.

Unbeatable stamina. Intelligent power management.

Our unique dual-power supply offers an unbelievable total operation time of up to 16 hours. And that’s not all: iXm comes with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a battery compartment for three standard AA cells. Plus, our intelligent power management system will automatically load-balance power sources, so you’ll never run out of juice. Even if you’re involved in something that sees you depleting power like there’s no tomorrow, iXm’s dashboard warns you well in advance so you can keep the AA batteries handy for another eight hours of pro action.

Playback, in situ.

Use the built-in headphone output to listen to your recordings during a field check. Use the playback keys to jump from track to track. Human voice announcements will guide you through the recording, negating the need to follow track indicators. It doesn’t get any easier (or more localized) than that.

Port panel. You're free to roll.

The port panel on the iXm’s bottom holds all the interfaces you need. There’s a USB 2.0 port for downloading your recordings, recharging the internal battery and configuring iXm with your personal preferences. The SD card slot is well-protected against accidental ejection. An integrated headphone output makes for easy field checks. We’ve also included a 3.5mm jack for recording line levels, and a connector for an optional speed charger.

Storage and memory - to SD or SDHC.

In the interest of making your work easier, more secure and more reliable, iXm has a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot. Recording capacity is based on widely-available SD and SDHC cards, up to 32GB. If you share iXm with other team members, take your SD card with you and use it with any external SD card reader. Or, if you don’t wish to swap memory cards, you can download your recordings via USB straight to a computer for sharing and editing.

What's in the box?

  • iXm handheld recorder
  • mic head
  • SD memory card (2GB)
  • wall type charger with intl. mains adaptors
  • USB cable
  • iXm Briefing Book is a Canadian authorized Yellowtec retailer.

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