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Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center

Model: CSXT

Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center
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About: Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center

The Eartec CSXT is a dual channel XT series Com-Center. Note: Headsets sold seperatly.

System Features:

  • Dual Channel with Conferencing
      -  2 groups of 4 users communicate seperately or all together in conference mode
  • Expandable
      -  Start small, then add stations, up to 8 total; headsets are field programmable
  • Outstanding Range
      -  Wireless users enjoy full duplex communication up to 400 yards in any direction from Com-Center
  • Simple/Instant setup
      -  System is self tuning, no remote antenna needed
  • Totally Portable
      -  The Comstar Com-Center is totally portable. AC wall plug, rechargeable battery (6 hrs) and AA disposable battery sled included
  • Crystal Clear, Full Duplex Voice
      -  Dect frequency band (1900 mhz) is reserved by FCC for "PCS" voice communication only
  • No FCC License Required
      -  USA, Canada, Europe and Australia certified
  • Line of Sight
      -  For optimum range, position the Com-Center so that the radio signals have a clear path to the wireless Headsets.
  • Dual Channel Feature
      -  Red & Green LED lights indicate two separate channels are in use.
      -  Amber LED light indicates conference feature is in use.
  • Fits Eartec Comstar System (XT-3, XT-4, XT-5, XT-6, XT-7, XT-8)

Reviews: Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center

There are currently no product reviews.

Warranty: Eartec Comstar Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:


  • COMSTAR: 1 year
  • UltraLite: 1 year
  • SC-1000: 1 year
  • The CLIP, Simultalk 24G: 6 months


  • The XTreme, The Ultra, The ProLine = 1 year
  • Max4G, The Monarch = 6 months
  • The Cyber, The Loop, The SST = 90 days

Rechargeable batteries: 60 days

Manufacturer's Warranty will cover parts, labour and return shipping back to you once repaired. Shipping into the service centre is not covered