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Zaor Vision WS Studio Desk


Zaor Vision WS Studio Desk
Zaor Vision WS Studio Desk
Zaor Vision WS Studio Desk
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About: Zaor Vision WS Studio Desk

Setting up your creation space can be a tough challenge, particularly when you have very little room to spare. The Vision WS gives you all the amenities you need while sporting an outstandingly small footprint. The remarkable compactness of this desk is ingeniously offset by the minimalistic black-and-white design that introduces a feeling of nonchalance with its clear lines and straightforward structure. Standing at only little more than a metre by 90 centimetres, the Vision WS can fit in very tight spots while offering a surprising amount of space. Two rack bays with three units each neatly store your hardware gear and keep it within your immediate reach. A sturdy top shelf above the racks can hold your computer screen and even small loudspeakers, leaving the substantial main desk area free for whatever else you need: from notepads to tablets or additional desktop devices like controllers, you have plenty of room for any and all accessories you require. The large cable management avoids clutter and is built in a way that allows the Vision WS to become a part of a larger setup with other desks from the Vision line. With the Vision KS it is also easily possible to enhance your workplace with a practical accessory tray that fits under your desk.

VISION WS - Full Specification

  • Features
    • Second level incorporating 2 x 2 rack units
    • Space above for screen(s) and or speaker
  • Available Finishes: Black and White
  • Dimensions: 1086 x 907 x 825 mm
  • Usable Heights In combination with Vision KS
    • 77 mm
    • 93 mm
    • 109 mm
    • 125 mm
  • Package Weight:
    • Packed in Box – 24 kg (box 1)
    • Packed in Box – 22 kg (box 2)
  • Box Size:
    • 115 x 58 x 19 cm (box 1)
    • 103 x 108 x 15 cm (box 2)

UPC: 764966368757

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