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Focal Solo6 BE Studio Monitor (Each) - 40th Anniversary Edition


Focal Solo6 BE Studio Monitor (Each) - 40th Anniversary Edition
Focal Solo6 BE Studio Monitor (Each) - 40th Anniversary Edition
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About: Focal Solo6 BE Studio Monitor (Each) - 40th Anniversary Edition

This year, the French High-Fidelity manufacturing expert celebrates its 40th anniversary.
To commemorate 40 years of passion and innovation dedicated to music, Focal has developed some exceptional products across its various collections. After Home and Car Audio universes, the professional audio is now honoured: the brand presents Solo6 Be 40th, its iconic studio monitor Solo6 Be which has been dressed up with a new black finish and stamped as a special edition.

These few words embody the philosophy of the professional audio of Focal which was created in 2002. Since then, the French manufacturer brings its entire expertise to create loudspeakers and speaker drivers dedicated to the sound engineers, musicians, producers. Focal manufactures its speaker drivers in its own French workshops: this is the best way to have complete control over the design and quality control processes in order to guarantee high-quality products
and a pure and precise sound restitution.

Solo6 Be is a 2-way monitor which, from the moment it was launched, surprised users with its size/extended frequency  response in the bass ratio, its woofer’s combination of neutrality in the midrange, its fullness in the low-mid and its bass control. It provides transparency and an unmatched degree of definition and precision of the stereo image for this price category: that is why Focal chose to showcase this model to celebrate its anniversary. How? By dressing it in a black leather-effect coating to give it a discreet, distinguished and timeless look. Stamped as a ‘40 year’ special edition, this monitor embodies the passion that the brand shares with music creators.

Behind this new ‘finish’ lies Focal technology: a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, capable of reproducing high frequencies with an unrivalled degree of purity and transparency, and a bass/mid driver composed of a ‘W’ composite sandwich cone. This cone allows to optimize the response from as early as the design phase and gives the loudspeaker incredible
sound neutrality. Finally, the bass/mid power stage in Solo6 Be 40th is fine-tuned using BASH® technology, which delivers class AB sound quality combined with the efficiency of class D amplifiers.


  • Pur Beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directivity, excellent linearity and dynamics
  • "W" composite sandwich cone: neutral sound, no distortion
  • Protected Beryllium dome (the effect of the grille has been compensated on the amplifier to adjust the tonal balance).
  • Black finish, stamped '40 year' special edition is a Canadian authorized Focal Professional retailer.

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