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FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp

Model: Q5

FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp
FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp
FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp
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About: FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp

The Q5 is FiiO's current flagship DAC, a powerful, Hi-Res amplifier with a range of connectivity options


The Q5 uses an all aluminium alloy chassis to effectively resist electromagnetic interference. The rear of the Q5 features a PU leather casing, which is scratch-resistant for stacking use.

An analog-to-digital (ADC) volume adjustment knob allows for no problems in volume imbalance, greatly enhancing accuracy with 256 different levels of volume adjustment. This is achieved by taking the incoming analog sound signal, converting it into digital for sampling and volume adjustment, then reconstructing the volume curve on the other side.

With the side buttons, users can operate play/pause functions and skip through tracks with ease when connected via Bluetooth.

To customise your sound further, the Q5 features an interchangeable amp module design, fully compatible with the X7/X7ii DAP modules.

Hardware Configuration

The Q5 uses dual AK4490EN DACs capable of decoding up to 384kHz/24bit, with an extremely low SNR. There is an official Apple MFi certified chip, meaning the Q5 supports digital decoding to iOS devices without worrying about software updates. The Bluetooth chip supports aptX, and there are 7 LDO voltage regulators that each provide independent power supply via a power management filter, ensuring a clean power supply and low interference to get a purer sound quality.

The 3800mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows for 10 hours of USB use, 10.5 hours of coaxial use, 14 hours of auxiliary use, and 10 hours of Bluetooth use.


The Q5 has a USB DAC mode that supports decoding up to 384k/32bit and DSD256. There are dual micro USB ports. By default, the one to the left is for charging while the one at the bottom is for data input. There is a 3 in 1 composite output port for aux/coax/optical connections. There are both single ended and balanced headphone outputs on the supplied AM3A amp module. For different listening requirements, the Q5 features gain/bass boost.

Despite the wide range of compatible input methods, the Q5 can automatically detect which is being used, and the light on the device changes to a corresponding colour indicating the input currently in use.

To help save battery, if the device detects no input signal, it will turn off automatically after a certain period of time (default: 10 mins). When connected to a smart phone or computer, the Q5 will not draw power from the source device.


  • Hi-Res certified
  • Supports a wide range of inputs, such as USB, optical, coaxial, line in and Bluetooth.
  • Dual AK4490EN DACs
  • Changeable amp modules

Further details 

  • Being equipped with two of AKM’s AK4490EN DAC chips
  • Being equipped with XMOS XUF208
  • Supports up to 384kHz/32 bit sampling rates as well as native DSD up to DSD256
  • Certified by 3 Major Bodies: Hi-Res Audio + MFi + aptX
  • Interchangeable amp modules, fully compatible with FiiO’s lineup
  • Bundled with the AM3A amp module with both single-ended and balanced outputs
  • World-class Bluetooth audio
  • Supports connecting to your computer + iPhone + WM-PORT Sony Walkman player
  • Includes a 3.5mm coaxial/optical/line-in combo connector
  • 3800 mAh battery for longer listening


The Q5 comes with so many accessories that you have to see it to believe it! Included are:

  • Short Lightning-to-micro USB cable
  • Long micro USB cable
  • 3.5mm cable
  • 2x long straps
  • 2x short straps
  • Coaxial adaptor
  • Optical adaptor
  • Screwdriver
  • Non-slip mat
  • Carrying pouch

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Warranty: FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp Warranty:

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Manufacturer's Warranty:

1 year warranty on mainframe; no warranty on accessories