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Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder

Model: LR-16

Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder
Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder
Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder
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About: Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder

Cymatic Audio is an exciting new brand offering stand–alone Direct to USB recording to Thumb and Hard drives.

16 Insert-style TRS connections are hard wired, which means there is never the need to arm tracks or assign any channels. The unit is always recording 16 discrete wave files at 16/24 bit/44.1-48kHz and elegantly auto names the tracks and take folders. You simply connect, hit record and you are done.

Perfect for recording any live performance or rehearsal...just tap into your FOH Inserts with a TRS Snake and your are ready to go. No more mic splitters, ground loops, computers, crashes and all the expense and hassle that goes along with all of that. The LR-16 is the cost effective and easy live recording solution you have been waiting for. Great for beginner recordists who don’t want to deal with difficult and time consuming learning curves, as well as the most seasoned professionals who don’t want to be bothered with messy setups. But wait...There's MORE...

The LR-16 also doubles as a 16 x 2, 24 bit/96kHz USB Class Compliant audio interface for your iPad, Mac and PC. When you’ve finished your live recording in the field, simply connect the LR-16 into your computer or tablet and you have a high quality USB interface. Plug your USB drive and drag and drop your files into your favorite DAW to edit your audio or do additional overdubs. Convenient features such as native Mac and iPad driver support make installation a breeze. Zero latency hardware monitoring and a built in mixer allow for error free recording, flexibility and hassle free setup.  Free your mind...and make more music.


  • Records directly to USB 2.0 compatible thumb drives or hard disks (16/24-bit 44.1 - 48 kHz)
  • 24 bit/44.1 - 96 kHz USB Class Compliant Audio Interface.
  • Mac® OS-X® compatible - Core Audio plug and play drivers.
  • iPad® compatible - plug and play (USB adapter required eg. Apple® Camera Kit).
  • No powered USB hub required for iPad® connectivity.
  • Windows® PC compatible (Win XP, Vista, 7&8 32/64) WDM and ASIO® drivers.
  • 16 analog 1/4" TRS insert-style inputs with stereo output and headphone output.
  •  Independent and Global 12dB input padding.
  •  Zero latency hardware input monitoring.
  •  Built in mixer with pan, solo, mute and volume control.
  •  Stereo wave player.

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