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Alto Truesonic TS110a 600W 10in Powered Speaker

Alto Truesonic TS110a 600W 10in Powered Speaker
Date Added: 02/06/2015 by Joe V.
Alto Truesonic TS110a 600W 10in Powered Speaker

Gave them 4-stars without caveats. For the price, I'd have given them a five.

I bought two as small monitors, and also as mains for an acoustic act. Once broken in, they have a very clear, clean sound, and enough usable bass for monitors and acoustic mains. Add a sub, and you have a small-venue FOH system that won't embarrass you.

The new versions of these are black rather than grey (easy way to tell them from the older gen), and, while the older ones were essentially sonically on par with or slightly better than the comparable Behringers, the newer models are noticeably more articulate than the Behrries.

My only complaint is that the volume knobs are a bit flimsy: I suspect they are surface mount, and you have to be careful about pushing on them (i.e., don't), because they do change volumes with a push, which gives them a bit of a dodgy feel. They just don't feel particularly sturdy, which is a bit of a shame, because the overall build quality of the boxes is actually pretty good.

If I'm being a bit unfair, they're not EVs for build or sound. But then, you can buy two of these for the price of a single EV and get better coverage for the essentially same money. And realistically, no-one in the crowd is going to notice the difference between these and the EVs you don't have, because the TS110As sound more than just decent.

Overall, really pretty happy with them. And for the price, VERY happy with them.