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Yamaha DXR12 12in 1100W 2-way Active Loudspeaker

Yamaha DXR12 12in 1100W 2-way Active Loudspeaker
Date Added: 09/25/2018 by John M.
<p>I currently own 6 of these and couldn't be happier. My primary use is as stage monitors and they simply excel at that... tons of power and sheer output from a small box and and easy to dial in EQ wise. Very responsive and musical when tuned and rung out as wedges. One feature many overlook but I want to emphasize is the symmetrical cabinet. when you order high end wedges you often pay a premium if you want mirrored wedges. this built in design of the DXR12 and 15 make them a god send for live stage monitors, doubled up or stereo wedges for the down stage performers. As mains they're great and work just as well for the right application. when using them for a gala dinner as delay fills for an adjacent room I put them together on sticks with 45 degree spread, and didn't realize how much they would couple with each other. wow!! no subs needed covering 300 people in the second room time aligned with the main room. they just rocked with solid lows right down to 60 hz. definitely recommend them and the 10's as well. Installed 4 DXR 10's in a small church as monitors and they just surprised everyone with their output out of a tiny box...</p>...

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