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Shurtape 2in Cloth Duct Tape (PC600)

Shurtape 2in Cloth Duct Tape (PC600)
Date Added: 08/04/2014 by Calvin I.
Basically just duct tape, but slightly easier to use in my opinion. Would buy again. I've only ever used black. Predominantly used to hold down cables or tape stuff to walls. A personal favourite use is to tape down a cable that crosses a walkway with it, my method: straight across walkway, come out the sweep of the door if it's a doorway, 2 "tac" strips on either side, then the first horizontal strip is about 1/3 the width of the tape, then another on the other un-taped side to make a smooth mountain. Side Note: 4.5 years of that procedure, not a single person has tripped on it, the ONE time I left it un-taped, someone rolled a piano over the bundle of wires, it got caught, and fell on 2 people breaking one's foot and scraping another shin bone. Always tape down wires across walkways, or over them whenever possible....

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