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Sennheiser HD25-1 II Pro Monitoring Headphones

Sennheiser HD25-1 II Pro Monitoring Headphones
Date Added: 06/27/2014 by Calvin I.
When I first got these, they sounded like rubbish, now two weeks later, every other pair of headphones sounds like rubbish. Not a single person who has heard my headphones has said anything bad about them. There is a phenomenon called “Headphone Burn-in”; you’ll hear this A LOT about this headset, but it’s true, the first song you throw through these (in my case Simple Plan - Jet Lag) will sound HORRIBLE! Murkier than if you were listening underwater, but give it 5-6 minutes of music (on my pair, results may vary) and they suddenly became the best headphones I’d ever worn, my phone hit Alesso - Years and the sweep at about 7 seconds in, it put the gasm in ear-gasm. The accuracy of sound reproduction makes these the idea headphones for live audio mixing as: Theres no interface that causes delay, what you hear out of the headphones is what comes out of the speakers - sometimes before. The velour earpads (expectantly) leak out more than the pleather ones; the drivers themselves leak out the back somewhere near the mounting hinges though. The headphones are constructed entirely out of plastic, save for hinge pegs, side screws and connector. That in mind, don’t take these “Made in Ireland” headphones for fragile or cheap. I’ve had them crushed in my laptop bag under a G750JX laptop (4.5KG + whatever else was in the bag) because my mom put it in the car the wrong way. In fact the first day of use they were outside in a damp field for an outdoor concert experience. Not one of the 3 people on the soundboard other than me complained about them at all. In fact, their “Cheap-looking” nature allowed me to just leave them out in the middle of an open desk and no-one taking them. In the future I might add a AntLion ModMic 4.0 to make up for the lack of a microphone. For the two reviews that helped my make my decision, look for reviews from Head-fi and UrAvgConsumer on YouTube....