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Samson Q7VP Complete Dynamic Mic System

Samson Q7VP Complete Dynamic Mic System
Date Added: 07/10/2014 by Gerry H.
I bought a beginner sound system for band practice and karaoke. I needed packages like these so I wouldn't have to shop for everything separately. Band member was using a Q7 and did a quick test for me against an SM58. I was stunned. Then I started to shop around for just the mics and saw the price on these. I was stunned again (in a good way). On a competitor's site, I saw these for sale only the price was nearly 25% higher. I bought 3 packages immediately thinking at the time I still found a great deal. Looking back, I still think I did. This retailer has them at a dynamite price. I've had my eye out for them now for a long time and nobody has them cheaper. I would buy 3 more if I could, and intend to some day. I loan these out to friends when I can. They too get stunned. I've used these front of stage with no complaints and much praise for their sound and flexibility. Don't waste your time finding a better bargain. Buy these....

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