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Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 DMX Lighting Interface for Rekordbox

Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 DMX Lighting Interface for Rekordbox
Date Added: 04/03/2018 by Chad C.
I cant believe Pioneer could put out a product like this. I had high expectations for this and was very excited to try it only to find that its not what I expected at all. You have to individually configure every phrase of every single track in order to get any sense out of it. It would be good if the software actually matched up a decent light show energy of the track thats playing but it fails miserably at this. No where near as good as just using sound activated mode that comes factory on all my lights . Huge waste of money and I am going to be very upset if I do not get my money back. I hope they put more work into this and fix all the issues, as it does have huge potential. Its just no where near ready yet....

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