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Mackie SRM1801 Powered Subwoofer

Mackie SRM1801 Powered Subwoofer
Date Added: 06/27/2014 by Calvin I.
This sub-woofer will shake dirt, it'll shake hardwood floor, it'll shake a concrete room and if you're on carpet, it'll shake the floor beneath the carpet, should you so happen to be sitting on it, it'll shake you off give it a chance! Extra dedicated channel is great for easy diagnosis of set-up, you can just quickly swap onto the other side to see if the sub is actually broken (which I've had one full range go on one of my two units) Warranty is actually one of the downfalls of this unit, I had one unit blow a Sub Module (the ENTIRE back of the thing) because we drove it hard for 8 hours straight, and no-one bothered to check for OL. So it was our fault, but it was repaired after a long wait. If your buying one of these, I highly recommend getting a SRM450V2 to sit on top of it, even if you don't buy the pole, they go like peas in a pod when you follow Mackie's instruction manual....