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KanexPro HDMI 1x4 Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/6

KanexPro HDMI 1x4 Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/6
Date Added: 12/19/2019 by Matt S.
I think the headline speaks for itself. Hardware doesn't feel super cheap, maybe in between ATEM and Kramer type quality. some sort of aluminum housing, brackets for screwing into walls, etc, as shown in photos. NO POE but that is described in details. I have a setup of 3 10+ year old Samsung 42" TVs previously running MagicInfo. The TVs acted as a messaging and promotion reel for events in the foyer area outside our theatre. Magicinfo licence expired, server crashed, etc. Abandonded MagicInfo. Luckily, each TV had a cat5E run back to a central position in our tech booth. Connected baluns through the cat5E at each TV and HDMI in. First connected a cheap-o laptop running 1366x768 reslution, and each tv received signal, sligtly H shifted, but possibly a sign of the laptop more than the Kanex. Then plugged in our Tircaster output running 1080p60 - signal out of range. 1080p30 - signal out of range. 1080p 23.98, and it worked perfectly. Easy switch for me to run our live stream at 1080p 23.98Psf, so my last step is to fine a 2 channel HDMI switch that can go between a chromecast, and the tricaster to complete the magicinfo replacement in our system. I rated 4 stars, as its fresh out of the box. I'll let it run overt the holidays and see how it holds up. But for the Price - its unbeatable!...

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