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FiiO E10K Olympus USB-C Headphone Amplifier & DAC

FiiO E10K Olympus USB-C Headphone Amplifier & DAC
Date Added: 05/25/2022 by Kora B.
<p>This is my first headphone DAC that I got to pair with my new HD560S. While the difference in sound is maybe not as noticeable as what you'd get from a larger/more powerful set up, I definitely do notice a difference. My headphones sound a little clearer with this, the volume control is great and feels more familiar/comfortable than searching for the right button on a laptop, and the bass switch provides a little extra warmth. The DAC itself is compact and fairly light, but feels sturdy and built to last, and all the jacks made of metal instead of plastic. My only (very minor) complaint is that mine doesn't sit flat on my desk because of how the cord is bent from how they're packaged, but hopefully with use/time it'll straighten out. I think this is a good little DAC AMP for those looking to get into audiophile listening without breaking the bank.</p>...

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