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Chauvet 4Bar Flex Lighting System

Chauvet 4Bar Flex Lighting System
Date Added: 06/06/2015 by Peter S.
I would strongly recommend not getting these if you are looking for chase spotlights for a dance floor unless you plan on hooking these up to a sound-activated DMX controller. The sound activation on these units is terrible I turned the speed sensitivity knob to the very lowest possible setting (A hair line to zero) and played a 120 BPM song and it flashed WAY Too fast. However, if you have lots of gigs where customers are just looking for basic flood lights for the dance floor, then these are good enough and much easier to set up than four individual par cans on a T-Bar. I use two of these for gigs of up to 150 people. I wouldn't recommend for gigs with any more people than that. If I could return them I probably would have and gotten the Dotz T-Bar System. Looks more solid....