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Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorder

Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorder
Date Added: 09/07/2020 by Yvan H.
<p>Purchased to connect a Sony Alpha A5100 for simple recording / streaming purposes (@ 1080p 30). The device is said to support AVCHD. "Out of the box", the Decklink will connect with the camera (set to AVCHD / "Auto" HDMI) @ 1080i 59.94 - only. Image quality / combing = unsatisfactory. "Trick" is as follows: disconnect HDMI. Set camera to HDMI "Auto", "XVAC S" 30 / 50M". Restore HDMI connection. You should be rewarded with a 1080p / 30 feed (and it should stay that way). Be advised that the driver setup utility will continue to report a 1080i 59.94 connection. Ignore that. Make sure the input is set to HDMI. (In Zoom, the signal may not appear on occasion. It will come in via "Blackmagic WDM capture". If you see a black screen, select "Decklink video capture" and then go back to "Blackmagic WDM capture". Oy.</p>...
Date Added: 07/28/2020 by Yvan H.
The only "Black Magic" here is the one that will part you with your cash.

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