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Behringer UMC404HD USB Audio Interface

Behringer UMC404HD USB Audio Interface
Date Added: 08/26/2017 by Colin E.
This interface has taught me a valuable lesson regarding Guitar pickups. First Guitar I tried with humbuckers had badly muffled sound, I blamed the UMC. DOH Tried another guitar with single coils, WOW it sounded incredible. Full balanced tone with emphasis on the low end, very warm with smooth mids and shimmery highs. The UMC's sound quality is so good it points out the differences of pickups! ;) Both the instrument direct and using a DI into the XLR sounds great. Its like a breath of fresh air compared to the Delta. The quality is so good, I questioned using amp software or even a real amp! No Joke. Been playing Guitar and mixing/engineering for 30+ years, this UMC is very good quality. Thank you Behringer and :)...
Date Added: 07/14/2016 by leslie w.
I bought this to replace an old tascam us122. I was surprised as soon as I plugged the mic in. I don't know how this unit compares to other modern A/D, but it sure creamed my old tascam in dynamic range. It feels like all my mics suddenly became active. It makes me want to make another song right now :) The control options on this behringer are perfect. It has every button I need and none that I don't. It's just right. The feel of the buttons and pots is quality. No free play or wobble in the knobs. The case is metal and it has some weight to it. It feels solid. I bought the 4 channel version to get those XLR monitor outs. I plug my active monitors in to those and it's clean and happy sound. It has a bunch of output options on the back and A/B switches as well as mix knobs to hear what you need to hear. There is a mono/stereo switch for input monitor and the headphone amp is loud enough that I don't have to have it maxed. It has midi in/out as well as inserts if you are into such voodoo. I really can't complain about this purchase. I'm completely blown away by the power and options of this unit at this price point. It's good to be alive! This is my first purchase from I ordered it online and picked it up at the store an hour later. They have a nice showroom full of goodies and the whole process was a good one. No regrets. Would recommend this product and seller to my mother....

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