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Altman Studio Fresnel 65Q

Altman Studio Fresnel 65Q
Date Added: 11/20/2012 by Michael M.
The Fresnel, a very popular luminaire,(pronunced "Frennel" after the French inventor) has a very defined and controllable beam due to the ridged and stepped concentric circles on the lens. This allows more light to be projected over a shorter distance (originally designed for lighthouses), and also has a nicer, softer beam as opposed to a simple wash light. The small size of the fixture provides as much illumination as a lamp twice its size. The yoke and stirrup is sturdy and holds in place well. It is light enough to put on a stand, however, if you want to. A threaded spud or yoke to stand adapter will be needed, of course. Barn doors can be purchased seperately for even greater refinement. I did find the interior reflector a little on the dainty side, but really, comparable fixtures will run you $500 and up - a fair trade I'd say. Exact specifications of beam paramaters can be found on The Altman website....

Only: $487.00 CAD