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Akai MPC ONE Standalone Music Production Center

Akai MPC ONE Standalone Music Production Center
Date Added: 09/01/2020 by Kyle C.
<p>I love making music, and there's no denying the flexibility that the PC and modern DAWs bring to the table. The problem is that the possibilities and options are just far too limitless, making it hard to stay creative and really learn the craft. The MPC One is a perfect device to get you off of your computer and onto something that really feels more tactile like an instrument, while still having most of what you want from a DAW. You can plug all of your hardware synths, live instruments, microphones etc. right into the MPC and bypass the computer altogether (a separate mixer makes this a bit easier without having to cable swap) as this unit is completely standalone. Being able to quickly sketch out ideas and jam on a piece of hardware really gets my creative juices flowing better than sitting at a computer on a sprawling DAW ever could. You can also easily transfer what you've been working on into a DAW of your choice for final touches and mixing if you prefer to work that way. You can also use it in controller mode if you need access to PC features like VST instruments. This has been a game changer for the way I make music. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get away from the oppression of the DAW.</p>...

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