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ENTTEC RDS8 DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter

Model: RDS8

ENTTEC RDS8 DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter
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About: ENTTEC RDS8 DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter

The RDS8 is DMX/RDM compatible 8 port fully isolated splitter. It allows users to build an RDM (E1.20-2006) compliant network DMX. Current DMX splitters will not allow RDM enabled devices to function properly, the RDS8 now solves this problem while allowing your RDM devices to talk back to a controller.


  • 1 DMX input and 8 DMX outputs. Normal mode: splitter actively repeats RDM traffic bidirectionally while level information goes from controller to DMX devices as usual
  • Filter Mode: Single button-press allows all RDM traffic to be filtered out, for legacy devices which might flicker if they saw the messages on the line
  • Backup Mode: Another button bypasses intelligent RDM functionality completely to work as a traditional DMX splitter would
  • Fully compliant with ESTA and USITT standards for DMX512A with RDM and RDM Standard ANSI E1.20 - 2006*
  • Internal autoranging power supply

Reviews: ENTTEC RDS8 DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter

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