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C2G Power Splitter Cable 16AWG 1x4 - 18in

Model: 29803

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About: C2G Power Splitter Cable 16AWG 1x4 - 18in

Prefect for applications where a power strip or UPS is used to provide power to multiple AC transformers or AC/DC wall warts, this handy cable features a male 3-prong plug which splits to four female 3-prong shrouds. Simply plug the power cord's male prong into a standard outlet, and you're ready to power multiple electronic devices.

This cable is ideal for use where there is limited space for electronic equipment. Plus this heavy duty 16 AWG cord features a fully molded design for maximum durability and long life. 

• Wire Gauge and Type: SJT 16AWG x 3C
• Amp Rating: 13A
• Voltage Rating: 125V
• Outer Diameter: 8.5mm

UPC: 757120298038 is a Canadian authorized C2G retailer.

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