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DPA MicroDot to AKG TA3F Adapter

Model: DAD6017

DPA MicroDot to AKG TA3F Adapter
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About: DPA MicroDot to AKG TA3F Adapter

An adapter that connects the d:fine™ line of headset microphones, the d:screet™ series of miniature microphones as well as the d:vote™ range of instrument microphones to Adapter for AKG (PT 60/80/81/400/450/4000) & Samson wireless systems.

The adapter comes with an original DPA MicroDot to a TA-3F Switchcraft. It is also available as a fixed connector. is a Canadian authorized DPA Microphones retailer.

Reviews: DPA MicroDot to AKG TA3F Adapter

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Warranty: DPA MicroDot to AKG TA3F Adapter Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

<p>All DPA microphones are covered by warranty for a minimum of two years. Some of them come with a five-year warranty.</p> <p>The five-year warranty is valid for the following microphones: The d:facto&trade; Vocal Microphone with the 4018V capsule and all d:dicate&trade; microphones except the 2006 and 2011.</p> <p>The DPA warranty covers:</p> <ul> <li>Only the microphone</li> <li>Mechanical functionality</li> <li>Documented specifications</li> </ul>