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BRTB 8 Pair Bulk Analog Audio Cable - 328ft

Model: 2508-328

BRTB 8 Pair Bulk Analog Audio Cable - 328ft
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About: BRTB 8 Pair Bulk Analog Audio Cable - 328ft

2508 - 8 Pair Analog Audio Cable
Twisted 24AWG tinned OFHC copper conductors
Dual 100% Aluminum Mylar foil shields
Individually numbered PVC jacketed pairs
1.34cm / .500 OD FT4/CMR black PVC jacket

Contour Premium Multi-Pair Cable - Series Model #2500

  • Flexible black matte PVC cable
  • Bonded pair jackets and shields
  • Aluminum / polyester overall shielding
  • PVC individually jacketed pairs. O.D. 2.82mm
  • 2 pair through 28 pairs are numbered and colour coded
  • Pairs individually shielded with aluminum and polyester
  • Polyolefin insulated pairs, colour coded red and black, O.D. 1.02mm
  • Tinned copper, 7 strand, 14 awg. conductors, O.D. 0.6mm
  • Conductor DCR @ 20C, 76.4 Ohms/Km
  • Shield DCR 62.0 Ohms/Km
  • Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Nominal capacitance between conductors 102 pF/m
  • Nominal capacitance between conductors connected to shield 57.9 pF/FT

Other Lengths Available - Please Call

*** Spool shown for illustration purposes only. Item may not ship on spool depending on length ordered is a Canadian authorized BRTB retailer.

Reviews: BRTB 8 Pair Bulk Analog Audio Cable - 328ft

Ken S. - 11/21/2015

Good stuff! The wire strips cleanly. Solders easily to the Neutrik XLR connectors. Winds-up nicely on my custom spool. Each channel has sheathing matching the standard resistor color code. My old 50 foot snake has four channels with black sheaths, and four with white, and the factory lettering is wearing off to the point I have to Ohm out the channels. That won't be a problem with this cable.

The plastic outer sheath is not as flexible as the rubber sheath on the Digiflex cable. That is why we have flexible mic cables on the far end. Not really a con to me, but some might find it difficult to wind up in long lengths (like my 200 feet) without a spool. At least you know what to expect if you buy it.

The guys at are absolute heroes! I needed to build a 200 foot snake for a new venue. They did not have 200 feet of the cable in stock but guaranteed it would ship the next day, which it did, all 25 pounds of it. EPIC WIN! I need to find an excuse to use this at other venues.

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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