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NewBlue Elements 3 Carbon (Download)

Model: Elements 3 Carbon

NewBlue Elements 3 Carbon (Download)
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About: NewBlue Elements 3 Carbon (Download)

Create split-­‐screens, map images to objects and more with Elements 3 Carbon. NewBlue Elements 3 Carbon delivers a versatile set of 7 compositing tools to illustrate your narrative using two videos at once, map video to any object and create picture grids in minutes.

  • Image Mapper - Simulate screens and overlay video on top of objects.
  • Outline - Create multicolored glows around text, objects, or people.
  • Picture Grid - Create a variety of different frames within your picture.
  • Picture-in-Picture - Add 3D geometry, borders, shadows and reflections to selective clips within your video.
  • Split Screen - Display two shots at once with a variety of preset options.
  • Time Clock - Choose from a variety of presets to overlay a running timer on your screen.
  • Viewfinder - Simulate the on-screen display of a video camera recording. is a Canadian authorized NewBlueFX retailer.

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