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Datavideo SE-3000 HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

Model: SE-3000-12

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About: Datavideo SE-3000 HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

The Datavideo SE-3000 has 12 HD-SDI Inputs.
The SE-3000 is a HD live production switcher, with SDI upscaling and an impressive amount of professional features.

Use its 7” touch screen interface to save set ups and change settings like colour adjustment and keying.

Advanced features include; extensive 3D DVE transitions, a high quality Multi-view Preview output, Chroma and Lumakey, Dual PiP, multi-language support and a full size control panel keyboard as well as a separate IP based PC control interface.

An interesting and powerful feature of the SE-3000 is the “Flex Source®” effect, which feels like having a second M/E, for advanced and creative vision mixing.


  • Up to 12 HD-SDI Inputs
  • Built-in TBC for frame synchronisation of each source, even without genlocked equipment
  • Dedicated DVI Input
  • High quality DVI-D multi screen multi-view output
  • 1 M/E Switcher with additional "Flex Source®" feature, which is similar to having a second M/E, for advanced vision mixing
  • 4 keyers (2 in M/E, 2 DSK)
  • 40 wipe patterns, with variable border width,colour, softness
  • Dual channel PIP with background & keyer
  • Built-in DVE transition engine, with 88+ transitions including page turns
  • Built-in 2 of HD/SD Chromakey
  • Built-in SD-to-HD up converters for up to 4 sources simultaneously
  • Component analogue HD output
  • 4 AUX outputs
  • Built-In Still Store
  • Black level, white clip, chroma gain for each input
  • Send and return from audio mixed
  • Large touch-screen LCD panel on control unit allows for easy menu selections and setting changes
  • Separate, rack mountable processing unit
  • PC-Base Control interface available
  • User Shot Box-for quick access to user steups
  • 1080i(59.94,60,50), 720P(59.94,60,50), 525, 625
  • DC 12V operation voltage, available for mobile


  • SE-3000 Main Unit
  • SE-3000 Control Panel / Keyboard
  • 2 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable 8P-8P 3m
  • 1 x 4pin XLR Switch Mode Power Supply DC 12V 10A
  • 1 x 4pin XLR Switch Mode Power Supply DC 12V 5A
  • 1 x USB cable
  • Instruction Manual is a Canadian authorized Datavideo retailer.

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