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NewBlue Essentials 3: Volume 2 (Download)

Model: NewBlue Essentials 3 Vol. 2

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About: NewBlue Essentials 3: Volume 2 (Download)

NewBlue Essentials 3, Volume 2 delivers a comprehensive set of 7 versatile editing tools that you need to remove camera flash, fix lens distortion and more.  

Featured Plugins:

  • Flash Remover Pro :Easily remove camera flash from live events with Flash Remover Pro. Get result fast with a range of presets or adjust your controls to dial in the perfect look.
  • Lens Corrector :Fix concave camera distortion from GoPro footage or add a fish-eye lens to your flat shots with Lens Corrector.
  • Video Tuneup Plus – Rescue underexposed footage or refine the contrast and color in seconds with Video Tune Up Plus. 

Full List of Plugins:

  • Aspect Ratio – Remove unnecessary video borders to create new aspect rations.
  • Detail by Luma – Separate your image into High and Low regions to sharpen, recolor and edit. 
  • Flash Remover Pro – Capture live events without worrying about distracting camera flashes. 
  • Lens Correction – Correct lens distortion to improve quality, or add it for a fisheye view.  
  • Quick Pixelator – Blur certain objects or people within your video without tedious keyframing. 
  • Selective Focus – Blur the surroundings of a region, object, or person to highlight it directly. 
  • Video Tuneup Plus – Use versatile color and luminance controls to refine contrast, hue and  saturation. is a Canadian authorized NewBlueFX retailer.

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