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GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher

Model: GTV-DIGAUD-241

GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher
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About: GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher

Switch any two TOSLINK digital audio sources or add a second one to your audio system -- without expensive add-on equipment

The GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher allows you to easily and economically switch any two TOSLINK digital audio sources. This unobtrusive, simple external device is perfect for expanding your available TOSLINK audio inputs without spending a lot of money adding extra equipment.

How It Works

Simply plug your TOSLINK digital audio sources into the TOSLINK input connectors on the GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher, then connect the single TOSLINK output cable to your audio receiving device. Connect the included 5V DC power adapter to the switcher and into a wall socket. Perfectly reproduced digital audio is now heard. An A-B switch on the GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher selects the active TOSLINK digital audio source.

Note:  Input and output cables may be up to 25 feet (5m) long each. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

Reviews: GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher

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Warranty: GefenTV Digital Audio Switcher Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

2 Year Limited Warranty