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Gefen Mini DVI Switcher

Model: EXT-MiniDVI-241N

Gefen Mini DVI Switcher
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About: Gefen Mini DVI Switcher

Easily Switch Between Two DVI Sources Using One DVI-Capable Display

The Gefen Mini DVI Switcher enables effortless DVI source switching using a single DVI-capable display. A simple, reliable and economical solution, the Mini DVI Switcher links any two DVI sources to one DVI-capable display device. It completely eliminates the need to disconnect then reconnect multiple DVI sources, saving time by providing a fundamental tool that brings it all together behind the scenes. When all three devices (the display plus the two sources) are connected to the Mini DVI Switcher and all devices are powered on, you may select which source you want to view on the display by using the Switcher's front panel source selector button or the included IR remote.






How It Works


Simply connect the DVI-compatible display to the Switcher's DVI output connector. Then connect both DVI sources to the Switcher's DVI input connectors using the DVI cables that come with the Switcher. Power on the DVI sources, the Switcher and the display, then select which source you want to view as described above.

Note:  This unit is HDCP Compliant. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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