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Gefen 8x1 DVI SL/DL Switcher

Model: EXT-DVI-841DL

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About: Gefen 8x1 DVI SL/DL Switcher

Routes any one of eight single link or dual link DVI sources to one single link or dual link display

The rackmountable Gefen 8x1 single link/dual link DVI Switcher offers an economical solution by eliminating the need to purchase many displays for each computer in a studio or lab environment. A plug-and-play solution, the 8x1 DVI-SL/DL Switcher shares one display with up to eight computers, saving space on your desktop. The source computer is selected using the included IR remote control or through RS-232 control.


How It Works


The DVI monitor is connected to the switcher's output. Up to eight DVI-SL/DL sources connect to the switcher's DVI inputs using the included DVI cables. The included 5V DC power supply is plugged into a power outlet and connected to the switcher. The currently selected DVI source appears on the shared monitor. Sources are selected/switched using the included IR remote control, the RS-232 control, or the input selector push button on the front panel. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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