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Gefen 4x1 DVI DL Switcher

Model: EXT-DVI-441DL

Gefen 4x1 DVI DL Switcher
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About: Gefen 4x1 DVI DL Switcher

Routes any one of 4 single link or dual link DVI sources to one display

The rackmountable Gefen 4x1 SL/DL DVI Switcher offers an economical solution by eliminating the need to purchase many displays for each computer in a studio or lab environment. A plug-and-play solution, the 4x1 DVI DL Switcher shares one display with up to four computers, saving space on your desktop. The source computer is selected using the included IR remote control or through RS-232 control.


How It Works


The DVI monitor is connected to the switcher's output. Up to four DVI-SL/DL sources connect to the switcher's DVI inputs using the included DVI cables. The included 5V DC power supply is plugged into a power outlet and connected to the switcher. The currently selected DVI source appears on the shared monitor. Sources are selected/switched using the included IR remote control, the RS-232 control, or the input selector push button on the front panel. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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