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Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher


Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher
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About: Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher

Switches DVI, USB 2.0 & Audio between any Two Computers with a DVI port (PC or Mac).

Digital Video, USB 2.0 and Audio Switching at Your Fingertips

The Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher easily and reliably switches between any combination of two DVI and USB 2.0 equipped computers (PC or Mac) - using only one keyboard, monitor, and a mouse. It saves space - there is no need to work on a desk crowded with double monitors, keyboards, and mouse devices. It saves time - there is no need to move from one monitor to another to access different computers. It also saves money - there is no need to purchase additional monitors, mouse devices, and keyboards. The 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher allows you to choose between a PC or Mac keyboard/video/mouse combination.

This product does not support the Apple 30 inch Cinema Display. The 2x1 DVIKVM DL Switcher supports the Apple 30" Cinema Display.

How It Works

Connect a single-link DVI display and USB 2.0 keyboard/mouse to the 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher's outputs. Connect both computers' DVI, USB, and audio ports to the Switcher's inputs using the supplied cables. Select the computer to control using the select button on the front panel. A wired remote control may also be used. The Switcher is compatible with both Macintosh and PC keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Note:  The 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher is HDCP Pass-Through. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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Warranty: Gefen 2x1 DVI KVM Switcher Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

2 Year Limited Warranty