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Gefen DVI DL Booster Plus (Dual Link)

Model: EXT-DVI-141DLBP

Gefen DVI DL Booster Plus (Dual Link)
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About: Gefen DVI DL Booster Plus (Dual Link)

Extend the range of your Dual-Link video -- with increased signal robustness

The DVI DL Booster Plus can extend a resolution of 2560 x 1600 up to 200 feet over standard copper dual-link DVI cables. In addition to far exceeding the typical 15 foot limitation imposed by copper cables, the Booster ensures that the video signal is free of distracting artifacts such as sparkles, static and lines. DDC signals are also strengthened to ensure that the communication channel between the display and the DVI source is robust and uninterrupted. The DVI DL Booster Plus is an excellent solution for those looking for a cost-effective way to extend dual-link DVI video.

DVI DL Boosters can also be daisy chained to create extensions longer than 200 feet, and can also be used to link two shorter cables together to create a longer extension.


How It Works


The Gefen DVI DL Booster plus has been designed for hassle-free installation. First, a dual-link DVI cable as long as 200 feet is connected between the DVI output of the computer and the "DVI In" side of the Booster. Next, another dual-link DVI cable of up to 15 feet in length is connected between the "DVI Out" side of the Booster and the DVI input of the monitor. Power is then supplied to the Booster with the included 5V power supply, and the result is flawless high-resolution video on the remotely located display.

Note:  The DVI-DL Super Booster Plus is HDCP pass-through. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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