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GefenTV Digital Audio Splitter 1:2

Model: GTV-DIGAUD-142

GefenTV Digital Audio Splitter 1:2
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About: GefenTV Digital Audio Splitter 1:2

Split TOSLINK digital audio from one source to two devices

Would you like to send a single compressed 5.1 digital audio signal to two separate digital audio receivers/devices, but you don't know where to get a simple, cost-effective solution? The GefenTV 1:2 Digital Audio Splitter takes one TOSLINK signal and splits it into two digital audio outputs, at a very affordable price.

This product is a great solution for customers with single-zone amplifiers who would like to send digital audio to two zones or bi-amp an audio system (Just take 1 audio input to 2 amplifiers and configure the system as you need to.)

How It Works

Your digital audio source connects to the TOSLINK input jack of the GefenTV 1:2 Digital Audio Splitter. Two TOSLINK cables connect to the splitter's TOSLINK output jacks. The included 5V DC power adapter is connected and powered on. Perfectly reproduced digital audio is now heard on both TOSLINK outputs. is a Canadian authorized Gefen retailer.

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30 Days

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2 Year Limited Warranty