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Atomos Power Station Photo


Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
Atomos Power Station Photo
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About: Atomos Power Station Photo

The Atomos Power Station Photo is a compact continuous power supply that is capable of powering up to 4 devices (2DC, 2USB) simultaneously with a maximum power output of 4 amps at 8.4 volts. Fast charge technology provides a 3x faster charge cycle than traditional NP style battery chargers.

Simple LED indicators on the Atomos Power Station Photo independently display the status of both 2600 mAh batteries allowing plenty of time to hot swap depleted batteries. The Power Station's slim form factor allows for easy mounting to your equipment with simple 2.1mm barrel DC outputs that can power most commonly used camera equipment as well as charging USB devices.


  • Continuous Power
    The Atomos patented Continuous Power dual battery system allows batteries to be hot swapped ensuring you will never be without power in the field.
  • Fast Charge
    The DC input lets you connect to AC power to charge the provided batteries up to 3x the rate of conventional chargers.
  • 3 x DC
    The dual DC output and provided splitter cable allows powering of up to 3 DC devices on the rig.
  • 2 x USB
    A flexible dual USB power source allows you to charge 2 USB devices (up to 3A) eg. cameras, tablets & smart phones.
  • LED Readouts
    The independent left and right LED displays on the front of Power Station give a quick 5 step visual guide on the power remaining for each battery from 100% down to 5%.
  • DC Battery Adapters
    Dummy batteries are available to power popular cameras including Sony A7s, Sony FS Series, Panasonic GH4, Nikon D810 and Canon 5DMKIII.


  • Weight
  • Without batteries -- 143g / 5oz
  • With batteries -- Photo Model 345g / 12.2oz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D mm) -- 160 x 55 x 35mm
  • Construction -- High quality lightweight ABS Polycarbonate for durability & portability

    Power Input
  • DC Input voltage -- 12V to 19V
  • D-tap input voltage (via adapter) -- 12V to 19V
  • Battery input voltage -- 7.4V System (8.4V Max), 2 slots
  • Compatible Batteries -- NP series (L Mount)

    Power Output
  • On DC power -- 2 DC outputs at 8.4V, 4A Max Total
  • USB Charging -- 2 USB outputs at 5V, 3A Max Total
  • Max Total Output Power -- 32W
  • Operational Temperature -- 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)

    Battery Management
  • Battery Charging (on DC power only) -- 2 x 1.6A fast chargers (approx three hours to charge a NP-F570 battery)
  • Battery Level Indicators -- Charge remaining indicators for both batteries
  • Continuous Power *Patent Pending -- Primary-Secondary battery system. Change batteries without losing power. Loop batteries continuously. Falls back on battery power if mains power lost.


Item Includes:

  • 1x Atomos Power Station
  • 2x NP-F570 2600mAh Batteries
  • 1x Battery Adapter for Panasonic GH4
  • 1x Battery Adapter for Sony A7s
  • 1x Soft Carry Case
  • 1x 15V 60W AC/DC Adapter
  • 3x Velcro Straps
  • 1x Shogun DC to DC Cable

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