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Digital Bolex D16 Cinema Camera w/ 512GB SSD (MFT Mount)

Model: Bolex-7402

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About: Digital Bolex D16 Cinema Camera w/ 512GB SSD (MFT Mount)

Once upon a time, motion picture cameras that created high-quality images were affordable for all filmmakers on any budget. Consumer 8mm and 16mm cameras like those made by Bolex shot footage that could be projected on any movie theater screen.

In today’s digital market, ‘affordable’ and ‘consumer’ have become synonymous with ‘low-quality’ — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Meet the D16, the first digital cinema camera to shoot raw at a price anyone can afford.

The D16 combines legendary Bolex quality with the best in digital technology to bring you unrivaled image quality for its class. The D16 captures and preserves image detail with stunning accuracy that gives your footage an organic look, and the camera body is designed to fit comfortably in your hands–emulating the experience of a traditional 16mm film camera, while still offering all of the shooting positions and mounting options of a professional digital cinema camera.

The D16 comes with a global shutter that avoids the jello-motion common to most digital cameras, and its Super 16mm sized CCD sensor records in 12-bit .CinemaDNG raw format that gives you 12 stops of dynamic range and fully uncompressed footage with no artifacts. 24-bit 96 kHz sound delivers studio quality audio from your mic directly into camera without need for external recording devices. The D16 comes with an internal Enterprise Class SSD that acts both as a buffer and a backup for your footage, as well as a 4 hour internal battery. Dual CF card slots and USB 3.0 ensures your ability to download footage safely and quickly. Our interchangeable lens mount gives you the option of using traditional Bolex and C-mount lenses, or the newer lenses you already own and love. And if you need to transcode to ProRes ofr editing, our LightPost software ensures the fastest path from your raw footage to your NLE of choice.

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just learning cinematography, the Digital Bolex D16 offers you the beautiful color and rich detail we all expect from a true cinema camera, at a price anyone can afford. Join the raw revolution.

This version of the D16 camera comes with a native MFT mount installed for use with modern MFT lenses. C-mount not included.


  • 512GB Hard Drive
  • Global Shutter
  • 1080 or 2K resolution
  • Dual 24-bit 96kHz audio recording capability
  • 12-bit color depth with unrivaled colors
  • Native MFT mount

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