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Blueshape 2 Channel Sequential Portable Charger for V-Mount

Model: BLS-CVTR2

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About: Blueshape 2 Channel Sequential Portable Charger for V-Mount

The BLUESHAPE 2 Channel Sequential Portable Charger for V-Mount allows you to charge two batteries sequentially and features a 4-pin XLR power output. It's very convenient to use, featuring a carry handle and a rotating foot on the bottom for desktop use. The foot neatly tucks away underneath when not needed. The charger can be powered via an included AC adapter or optional BLUESHAPE In-Car Adapter. It has an approximately 2 hour charge time per channel for a 70Wh battery and 4.5 hours for a 210Wh battery.

A data socket allows for a USB connection to a computer in order to monitor charging activity and log battery data. The optional BLUESHAPE BSCVMON cable and maintenance utility are required for this, and up to four chargers can be monitored on a single computer.

This charger features a BLUESHAPE technology called IPCS (Intelligent Pre-Charge System) that allows it to provide charge at increased speeds to batteries with fast-charge supporting features, such as pre-charge protection and cell-balancing. IPCS does this by initially boosting very low voltage cells to a state at which charge can be applied with a medium-low current without causing damage. Then it charges with a 300mA current for a while, and when the battery reaches a reasonable voltage state, the charger speeds up the charge process by switching to full throttle. To counteract the increased heat caused by this fast-charging capability, the charger employs another BLUESHAPE technology, called CTP (Charger Thermal Protection), that allows the electronics to work out the best possible charge profiles without causing damage, even in adverse temperature conditions. is a Canadian authorized Blueshape retailer.

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