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Atomos Spyder Color Calibration Tool

Model: ATOMCAL001

Atomos Spyder Color Calibration Tool
Atomos Spyder Color Calibration Tool
Atomos Spyder Color Calibration Tool
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About: Atomos Spyder Color Calibration Tool

Atomos is the worlds first to offer a portable calibration unit for a portable Monitor, Recording Device and Deck. No other competing device offers this level of color precision.

Developed in partnership with Datacolor, the Atomos Spyder gives you the ability for one button color calibration normally only found on high end monitors. With Spyder, your Atomos unit gains the ability to accurately calibrate to the SMPTE Rec 709 color space with a D65 white point with 100% gamut.

Being able to trust the colors on a monitor while setting up the shot with RGB, Luma Parade and Vectorscope tools means perfect results every time. Professionals will spend far less time color correcting and finishing in post helping save time and money.

In a time where every client now demands color grading, you can trust the colors from your camera, to the Atomos unit, and all the way to your edit station. Atomos offers the most solid and accurate workflow in the industry.

Never has it been so easy with one click color calibration anytime, anywhere while recording.


  • Extreme precision 7 sensor calibration
  • USB to LANC serial control unit included for automatic calibration.
  • Calibrate to 6500K ITU-Rec709 white point with delta-E better than 2 down to 20% grey
  • User adjustments of lift, gain and gamma per channel after initial calibration
  • Can be used as a standard calibration unit for any monitor or computer (provided Datacolor software is purchased from their website).


  • 1 x Spyder Calibrator unit
  • 1 x USB to Serial LANC cable
  • 1 x QuickStart Guide

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