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Electro-Voice 18in Live X Powered Subwoofer

Model: EV ELX118P

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About: Electro-Voice 18in Live X Powered Subwoofer

Optimized for performance with the ELX112P and ELX115P, the ELX118P adds a deep, low-frequency, amplified punch that you can hear and feel.


  • Designed for House of Worship, Pro Music, and other applications.
  • 18” woofer for powerful, engaging bass response
  • 32 Hz – 130 Hz frequency range; 134 dB max SPL
  • 700 W Class D lightweight amplifier — runs cool without fans
  • Rugged wood cabinet — supports pole-mounted or stacked configurations

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Reviews: Electro-Voice 18in Live X Powered Subwoofer

Ankur P. - 07/01/2014

- Lightweight for an 18" sub
- Gives you clean low end when you need it
- Easy Setup
- Looks professional
- Small form factor for 18" sub
- Fits so easily into vehicle or tight spaces

- Bass output is mediocre
- Wood finish scratches easily
- Signal being passed to tops only works if sub is on
- 134db? More like 126.

All factors considered, this active subwoofer gives you the basics of low-end. It's great to have (I have 2) but if you have the funds, go for something a little more expensive. I used to run 2 yorkville elite 2204s on top of 4 cerwin vega afterburners, so I know my bass and I know my sound. You get quality low end with these subs, but don't expect the subs to pound, because they wont. For that kind of sound, you need to spend more money...not necessarily go for another brand. I use these with the 2 x EV ELX 115p, and while many say to use these subs with the ELX 112p, you SHOULD be able to use these with either, except that with the ELX 115p the sub is very quiet compared to the output of the ELX 115p. You really have to turn the 115p down in order to match output volume of the sub or you will wash the bass from the sub out. When I'm not dj'ing weddings, I have 1 of these in my studio and it certainly pounds, so great for small spaces. Would I use these for a larger gig than a 200 people wedding...not a day in hell. I currently lose the sexiness of 2 x tops pole mounted on 2 x subs, because I have to couple these 2 subs together in the middle to get the extra +3 db *sigh*. Would I buy 2 of these for MSRP plus tax? Probably not.

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Warranty: Electro-Voice 18in Live X Powered Subwoofer Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:


  • Electronics 3 years
  • Non-Powered Speakers 5 years
  • Powered Speakers 3 years
  • Speaker Accessories & Hardware 1 year
  • Amplifiers/Signal Processing 3 years
  • Non-Powered Speakers 5 years
  • Powered Speakers 3 years
  • Speaker Accessories & Hardware 1 year
  • Wired Microphones 3 years
  • Wireless Microphones (RE2 and RE300) 2 years
  • Wireless Mic & Powered Accessories 3 years

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