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K-Array KB1 Portable Sound System

Model: KB1

K-Array KB1 Portable Sound System
K-Array KB1 Portable Sound System
K-Array KB1 Portable Sound System
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About: K-Array KB1 Portable Sound System

The KB1 is an innovative product. In this sense it fits perfectly into the K-array brand: innovation and quality. What makes it special is that it is immediately recognisable as a product which was developed in an environment (K-array) which is orientated towards the "professional" sector. Some solutions which have been adopted are unique in the entire panorama of products on offer, and are the same as those used in stage setup during concerts (e.g. the medium-high speaker has the ability to electronically vary the height of sound diffusion); the completeness of the instrumentation: the capacity to load different presets simply and at any time from a PC, the control of entry sound through an integrated professional digital mixer, and the ability to electronically modify the extent and the coverage of the sound vertically, make the instrument versatile and applicable in any situation with notable levels of quality; the materials are those present only in concert systems of high calibre: steel, aluminium and wood are high-quality materials, used in professional level products.

With a KB1 the musician becomes the true craftsman of his or her own sound. The PC is becoming ever more part of the personal equipment of the musician. The user can connect to his or her own amplification system while interacting directly with digital sound processors mounted on board. This becomes a simple way of creating the sound which appeals best to the musician’s tastes. The digital mixer with 4 inputs allows those with more than one instrument to produce a unified sound, either to a sound technician or directly to the public, created according to the musician’s personal artistic preferences. Input levels, EQ parameters on each input channel, multi-effects with 16 presets, compressors, regulation of an auxiliary output, a headphones output, a main output channel, parameter filters for equalising the speaker on output, are all instruments that the musician will be able to find on board the main integrated mixer is a Canadian authorized K-Array retailer.

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