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Denon Axis12 Active 2000-Watt 12in Speaker System

Model: Axis12

Denon Axis12 Active 2000-Watt 12in Speaker System
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About: Denon Axis12 Active 2000-Watt 12in Speaker System

Designed to deliver superb sound for the most demanding portable music playback applications, the product family consists of two satellite main speakers (models Axis 8 and Axis 12) and a companion subwoofer (model Axis 12S).

The Axis 8 and Axis 12 both utilize a novel coaxial design where the high frequency compression driver is mounted coaxially (at the apex) of the system’s low-frequency driver. This design—known as coincident mounting—ensures a time and phase coherent output, which markedly improves definition and clarity. The coaxial driver design also reduces the cabinet height by more than 30% compared to conventional speakers, making for compact units with markedly reduced visual bulk for maximized audience sightlines—a critical consideration for live performances.

The Axis 8 and Axis 12 use 8” and 12” low-frequency drivers, respectively. They share the following features in common:

  • High-power 2000-watt Class D digital bi-amplification
  • Massive power, light weight and reliability
  • Precision coaxial drivers
  • Optimized music performance in a compact enclosure
  • Long-excursion woofers deliver deep, punchy bass and high acoustic output
  • Coaxially-mounted 1.75” high-frequency compression driver with 1” acoustic aperture
  • Speakers’ sound is propagated in a seamless, uninterrupted time envelope
  • Coaxial design reduces cabinet height by over 30% vs. conventional speakers
  • Uniform horizontal and vertical dispersion delivers optimum sound coverage
  • On-board DSP controls an internal 5-band parametric EQ

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