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Aphex A PRE 500 Mic Preamp

Model: A-PRE-500

Aphex A PRE 500 Mic Preamp
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About: Aphex A PRE 500 Mic Preamp

The A PRE 500 mic pre is inspired by the popular Aphex 188 eight-channel preamp, both using a custom designed Aphex input Transformer.  The A PRE 500 then adds a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output balancing transformer  The A PRE 500 provides affordable access to the unmistakable 188 sound.

  • Front panel 10Mohm, ¼” input for the connection of instruments like guitar and bass. This input overrides the input on the rear of the receiving frame when connected.
  • A 3-way switch allows the selection of +16, +20 or +24dBu output levels.
  • The 20-segment input meter allows input levels to be easily seen, even from a distance.
  • 65 dB of gain to properly operate dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones and a 26dB pad for very loud sources.
  • Illuminated buttons control Phantom Power, Phase Reverse and 75Hz High Pass Filter


Live Performance- It’s becoming more and more common for live sound engineers to use outboard mic preamps on specific sources like lead vocals, acoustic guitars, snare drums and such.  Especially for those engineers who have to use a different P.A. system every night at different venues.  This allows them to keep a consistent sound for their featured instruments.

Professional Studio Recording-The A PRE 500 has a very neutral, yet bright character. It sounds especially good on drums and percussion, B3 Organs, electric pianos, and acoustic guitars.  The ¼” input makes it easy to run instruments through the mic pre without using a direct box. is a Canadian authorized Aphex retailer.

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  • One year from date of original purchase.
  • All defects in materials and workmanship
  • The following are not covered:
    • Voltage conversions
    • Units on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed.
    • Damage or deterioration resulting from: Installation and/or removal of the unit; Accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorized product modification; Failure to follow instructions in the Owner’s Manual, User Guide or other official Aphex documentation; Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Aphex; Shipping damage – claims must be presented to the shipper