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DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Model: DBX1066V

DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
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About: DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Dual Compressor Limiter Gate Dual‐channel compressor limiter gate driven by the all new dbx V2™ VCA featuring True RMS Power Summing™ stereo operation. Each channel features PeakStopPlus™ limiting, program‐dependent attack and release or user definable attack and release, Hard‐Knee or OverEasy® compression, and selectable +4dBu or ‐10dBV operating levels. New easy to read lightpipe LEDs. The 1066 also offers Sidechain External and Sidechain Monitor functions.

  • Selectable auto (classic dbx®) or manual (variable Attack and Release) compression
  • Contour switch removes unwanted low frequency information from detector circuit
  • Selectable Overeasy® or Hard Knee compression modes
  • PeakStopPlus™ limiting for setting maximum allowable level with minimal distortion
  • SC Ext and SC Mon for setting up and monitoring external devices for gating function
  • True differentially balanced gold-plated XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs
  • True RMS level detection
  • Precision metering of input level, output level, and gain reduction
  • True stereo or dual mono operation
  • Switchable +4dBu or -10dBV operation per channel

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