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Joe Meek sixQ2 Channel Strip

Model: sixQ2

Joe Meek sixQ2 Channel Strip
Joe Meek sixQ2 Channel Strip
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About: Joe Meek sixQ2 Channel Strip

The Joemeek sixQ2 packs a wealth of features into a single rack space studio channel.

Some changes we made to the sixQ2:

  • The microphone input transformer is permanently assigned to the "Mic" Input. The "IRON" switch now optionally sends the "Line" input through the transformer, to add some colouration to Line sources.
  • The input "GAIN" control now operates over the range 18dB to 60dB, with improved resolution in the crucial 25dB-45dB range. Microphone inputs up to +4dBu can be accommodated without distortion
  • (+24dBu by using the "PAD" switch).
  • As before, with the "LINE" input selected the gain is unity (0dB) at the top of the dial; the gain range is now -19dB to +22dB.
  • The "INSTRument" input now has a gain range of 0dB to +40dB.
  • "PEAK" LEDs now light at +16dBu (2dB below Full Scale Digital).

A single channel mic pre, three bands of highly musical EQ, and our signature optical compressor make for a highly capable recording instrument. With a front panel instrument input

Output either analog or digitally directly to your sound card or DAW for a warm, musical analog sound - just what you've been looking for!


  • Ultra-clean microphone preamp equipped with a high-end Cinemag transformer
  • Highly musical 3-Band EQ includes sweepable low and mid frequencies, and a selectable high-frequency band (6 or 12kHz)
  • Full-featured optical compressor with settings from "silky" to "in your face!"
  • Accurate LED metering for quick monitoring of level and gain reduction
  • IRON switch sends the line input through the mic transformer to add coloration
  • 24-Bit/96 kHz analog-to-digital converters feed the S/PDIF RCA and optical digital outputs
  • Balanced and unbalanced I/O allow for proper connection with any system
  • Front-panel instrument input lets you plug in high-impedance sources like guitars and basses

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