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SM Pro Audio Pre-Z Mic preamp

Model: SM Pre-Z

SM Pro Audio Pre-Z Mic preamp
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About: SM Pro Audio Pre-Z Mic preamp

The Pre-Z is a high quality variable impedance microphone preamplifier in a 500 series format module. Purpose built to offer a wide range of tonal color the Pre-Z can bring fresh sonic possibilities and new life to many microphones.

First and foremost the Pre-Z is a high quality preamplifier that delivers pristine performance suitable for a variety of applications. Up to 68dB of gain is possible with the additional benefit of variable input impedance. "Z" is the symbol for impedance!

Microphones respond to variable input impedance in often subtle yet useful ways. Greater input impedances can make microphones sound slightly brighter and clearer, whilst lower input impedances often translate to subtle resonances within the frequency spectrum of your signal. One of the main benefits of variable input impedance is the ability to produce a variety of tonal colors without introducing additional noise or degrading the signal like more traditional methods such as equalisation do.

High Pass and Low Pass filters offer additional control and signal shaping choices. LME49720 op-amps ensure low noise and wide dynamic range.

The Pre-Z is a powerful tool that will Broaden your microphones tonal scope and provide many years of valuable service. is a Canadian authorized SM Pro Audio retailer.

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