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SurgeX SA-82 FlatPak 2-Outlet Surge Protector

Model: SA-82

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About: SurgeX SA-82 FlatPak 2-Outlet Surge Protector

The SurgeX FlatPak provides guaranteed surge protection and power conditioning for flat panels, projector, and video equipment. Engineered with patented surge elimination technology it is the only flat panel product that eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 Volts without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances that can degrade the performance of video equipment. It provides 100% fail-safe power protection.


  • Provides 100% Fail-safe, non-sacrificial protection
  • Eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps
  • Ultra compact design easily integrates with wall/ceiling mounting systems
  • Features SurgeX Series Mode® surge elimination technology, Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI Filtering, and Over Voltage Shutdown (with Auto Reset)
  • Improves audio and video performance
  • Axess Ready model offers Remote IP control capabilities
  • Includes detachable IEC power cord and mounting brackets
  • A-1-1 Certified is a Canadian authorized SurgeX retailer.

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