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Middle Atlantic PDS-620R Rackmount Power Strips

Model: MID PDS-620R

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About: Middle Atlantic PDS-620R Rackmount Power Strips

These rackmount power sequencing power distribution units provide 6-step sequencing to 6 rear outlets. Adjustable start time delay allows daisy-chaining of up to 3 sequencers to act as a single unit. Sequencing intervals are facilitated by front panel controls, while all sequencing activity is monitored through a series of LED indicators. A remote up/down sequencing connection block is located on the rear panel, which facilitates daisy-chaining and remote control. The PDS Series power distribution units measure 8-3/4" deep and come with a 9' cord. An illuminated combination power switch/circuit breaker is located on the front panel. UL Listed in the US and Canada. Occupies one rackspace.

UPC: 656747073021 is a Canadian authorized Middle Atlantic retailer.

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