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K-Array Piccolo Audio System

Model: Piccolo

K-Array Piccolo Audio System
K-Array Piccolo Audio System
K-Array Piccolo Audio System
K-Array Piccolo Audio System
K-Array Piccolo Audio System
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About: K-Array Piccolo Audio System

The Piccolo audio system has been designed to satisfy all those who need quality sound keeping the audio system itself almost invisible. While concentrating on the essential design of the two mid-high speakers, so that they could be easily hidden in almost every situation, we worked hard to put to use in our first “home system” all the experience we gathered in the professional audio market, through years of research and development in the fields of acoustics and digital audio signal processing. The result is an extremely essential design disguising an impressive output power all over the audio frequency spectrum, with an uncompromising full punch in the lowest end and a crystal clear definition in the highest. If you have a Piccolo installed in your living room or study, you certainly own the most descreet and powerful home sound system that the market can offer.

One of Piccolo’s main features is its simplicity in use and installation. During Piccolo’s development, electronic devices which did not add quality to the sound were considered unnecessary and therefore not integrated in the system. On the upper side of the amplifier, a single control to turn the system on or off and manage the volume makes use very simple and intuitive. Nevertheless, the essential hardware interface is backed by our “K-Framework” PC software, supplying a powerful and intuitive 10 band graphic equalizer to shape the frequency response of the system in order to optimize its performance in a specific environment or according to personal taste. With Piccolo you can combine more audio signals together. All the sources connected to the amplifier pass through its auto-mixing process and come out as a single stereo signal. The selection of the source is made by each source itself. This saves the use of another remote control, which all householes are full of. Installation is also made very easy. The two mid-high speakers can be mounted on a wall or on a piece of furniture with two sets of mounting accessories to choose from included in the package. Piccolo also features two XLR balanced inputs which allow you to connect to long distance sound sources [ >10 mt (32.8 ft)], without losing the quality of the signal. This feature allows Piccolo to be used in professional installations as well.

Piccolo features: a pair of essential design speakers to reproduce the mid-high frequency range; a sub woofer composed by a 6” cone and a passive radiator for low frequencies; an amplifying module which allows two different kinds of input (RCA and XLR) and volume managing. A basic kit for wiring, two brackets for wall installation and two stands for table or shelf mounting are included in the package. This makes the installation easy and fast for any use. is a Canadian authorized K-Array retailer.

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