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Ultimate Ears Sound Guard

Model: UE Sound Guard

Ultimate Ears Sound Guard
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About: Ultimate Ears Sound Guard

Protection that enables you and your UE Pro IEM to perform!

Compact Design

Every tour should have a few extra UE Sound Guards on hand. You never know what kind of stage equipment you have to work with.

Essential Accessory

Enhance sound quality, dynamic range and reduce accidental audio spikes.

The UE Pro Sound Guard only works with balanced armature in-ear monitors.


Protects from microphone drops, audio feedback, setup mistakes and other sound hazards that may occur while performing or recording.


Enables your IEMs to perform at their best by controlling electrical impedance mismatches from the source device to the connected UE Pro IEMs.


Ideal for live performances, houses of worship, clubs, and production studios; optimized for UE 900S and custom UE Pro IEMs

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